Effective Date:

    County of , State of

    I. The Parties. This certificate pertains to the , referred to as the “Lease Agreement”, for the property located at City of State of (“Property”) between (“Landlord”) and (“Tenant(s)”).

    II. Property Type. The Property being leased is considered: Commercial Space with the Tenant(s) renting square feet. Residential Space with the Tenant(s) renting a bedroom(s) and bathroom(s).

    III. Modifications. Not Modified and in Effect -The Lease Agreement has not been modified and is in effect as originally written. Modified and in Effect -The Lease Agreement was modified on the .

    IV. Subletting.

    V. Lease Term. The Fixed Lease Agreement is a total length of year(s), month(s) ending on the .

    VI. Monthly Rent. The amount of the monthly rent is $ per month.

    In addition to the monthly rent, the Tenant(s). In case that there is anything pay in addition to the rent please specify how much? and for what?

    VII. Last Rental Payment. The last rental payment made by the Tenant(s) to the Landlord was on the .

    VIII. Future Rent. .

    IX. Security Deposit. The Landlord is holding a security deposit of $ to cover any expenses or losses by any default or breach of the Lease Agreement by the Tenant(s).

    X. Personal Property. If so, please specify.

    XI. Rights to Purchase the Property. If so, please specify

    XII. Repairs and Maintenance.

    XIII. Default or Breach of Agreement.

    XIV. Liens and Encumbrances. I/We certify as the Tenant(s) that there are no liens or encumbrances attached to the
    leasehold interest of the property. Tenant(s) understands that this certificate will be
    considered valid by any third (3rd) party. .

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